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I’m an American photographer based on the Caribbean island of Grenada. Born and raised in small-town Minnesota, I followed the love of my life to begin our small-island life. Her name is Avi and you'll see photos of her dotting the archives.

I photograph a wide variety of editorial and commercial projects in the Eastern Caribbean.

My images have been featured in projects big and small – from non-profit fundraisers and community festivals to worldwide Fortune 500 ad campaigns and 1 million+ circulation media houses. Currently I am a photojournalist attached to St. George’s University, generating a wide variety of images for a community of over 6,000 students and 500 faculty. Beyond the amazing access that comes from being a university’s sole staff photographer, I enjoy the multicultural experiences of serving a student body that hails from over 100 countries.

Aside from corporate work I’ve had the joy of shooting the coolest brides and grooms on the planet. On the beach, in a church, in a house with a mouse, private couples, and big families – we have a great time together capturing special moments with a tropical twist.

To see more of my client portfolio, visit my other website – www.joshuayetman.com.

Feel fee to contact me to inquire about my services and tell me about yourself.

Thanks for stopping by!


Phone: +1 (473) 533-9444

PS: I wish I didn't need to bring this up, but this site is not a source of free photos.
None of what you see on this website is for reproduction without express permission.
Shoot me an email and let me know what your needs are - you'll find I'm a pretty agreeable kind of guy.

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