Gold Rush

07 August 2012

I don't know if you heard, but Grenada won its very first Olympic medal on Monday...
Not just any medal, but a gold medal! Nineteen year old track star Kirani James placed first the Men's 400M with a time of 43.94 seconds.

Kirani's hometown of Gouyave was packed with thousands of well-wishers from all over Grenada with a live feed of his race being displayed on the grassy playing field where he first began his track career.

I wouldn't be surprised if geologists recorded earthquakes in Grenada on Monday... The moment he appeared on television the nation began to shake, and as the race began a steady crescendo of screams built to a deafening cry of joy when he crossed the finish line.

When the race was over and history had been written, fans filled the streets of Gouyave to celebrate - side by side with Kirani's parents (photo #4, red shirts on left and right).

Cuthbert Peters Park
Gouyave, Grenada


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Awesome :)

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