Code Blue

07 May 2012

A medical simulation mannequin rests (SimMan from Laerdal) between workshops in the Simulation Center at St. George's University.

On this particular weekend the University was hosting an outreach workshop, inviting physicians from Grenada's General Hospital to brush up on their Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) skills. The University's inventory of SimMan technology allows for evidence-based case scenarios programmed, controlled, and monitored via wireless connection to play out complex emergencies.

SimMan has a long list of tricks up his sleeve... He speaks, has palpable pulses, reactive pupils, and can blink. He can cough, convulse, and cry liquid tears. You can start an IV, watch his chest rise and fall, hear breath sounds and heart rhythms. He can bleed, be defibrillated, catheterized, and more.

But somehow, as impressive as they are, I still can't shake that strange feeling of being all alone alone and surrounded a dozen blinking, breathing mannequins.

St. George's University
True Blue, Grenada

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