Return of the Bell

01 November 2011

One of my favorite parts about living in Grenada is that you never know what you'll be called on to photograph - and with my day-to-day grind variety is hardly in short supply.

On this particularly rainy day I was in my office, snacking on Skittles editing photos when I received a call from the campus facilities manager asking if I'd be around after lunch. "We're putting the bell back in the tower," he says. Images of cranes and boom-lifts flashed in my mind. "Awesome," I say. "Count me in."

The bell in question was removed to receive a little TLC after sitting silent in Grenada's salty breeze for more than a decade - and best of all - was getting a new clapper fitted. Legend has it that the original clapper went missing when the bell was first crated up and sent to Grenada.

The story I was told goes something like this...
The bell was cast in 1845 by the New York based Meneely Bell Foundry. Fast forward 150 years to a roadside in Michigan. The University's Chancellor is driving through southern Michigan, on his way to the motherhouse of the Adrian Dominican Sisters (of all places), when he spots the bell for sale on the side of the road. A short while later it arrives in Grenada, is hoisted into place, and someone realizes that the all-important clapper is nowhere to be found.

The bell was ceremonially re-rung for the first time last week at the annual Grenada Thanksgiving Memorial, ringing loud and clear - just as an old bell should.

St. George's University
True Blue, Grenada

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