Pirate Jonny & The Doc

13 June 2011

It's not often you can pinpoint the very exact moment you met someone... But on January 10, 2007 at 10:37am (so says my EXIF data) I met two newcomers to Grenada - Pirate Jonny and his wife Christina.

Christina was enrolling in her first semester of medical studies at St. George's University and Pirate Jonny was there to help her along. Being relatively new to the island I was so excited to meet two Minnesotans - soon enough Johnathan and I became close friends and we explored a new culture together while his wife hit the books.

Fast forward to four years later and I found myself taking photographs on the stage at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall, covering the University's commencement ceremonies - with Dr. Christina Young strutting her stuff across the stage to mark the completion of her MD while Pirate Jonny and friends cheered on from the balcony.

I'm so very proud of the both of them.
Congratulations Pirate Jonny & The Doc!

Top: January 2007 - St. George's University - True Blue, Grenada

Bottom: June 2011 - Avery Fisher Hall - New York, NY USA

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