Marley & Marley

21 June 2011

A group of Shortknee march to the opening ceremonies of the 2011 Grenada carnival season... The Shortknee are my most favorite of Grenada's carnival characters, but for some reason every time I look at this photo I think of The Muppet Christmas Carol's Marley & Marley.

St. George's, Grenada


Posted by Abigail Viljoen on June 28, 2011 1:55 AM:

Hi Joshua
My friend is getting married in Grenada on 29 October. I know she hasn't gotten around to arranging a photographer yet and I was thinking of doing this for them as a wedding present. I just have no idea how much this sort of thing costs so I don't want to suggest it until I have an idea of what I might be committing myself to financially.
I appreciate that you can't give me an exact price until you know what's required, but I'm wondering if you could give me a ballpark figure for this kind f service in Grenada please? It will be a small wedding and service - about 10 people.
Many thanks

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