Lincoln's Columns

16 May 2011

You'd think that there's a good story to go along with this photo. Unfortunately, I don't have one. I wandered up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial - thinking of Forrest Gump - and into the statue's chamber to see a good number of folks like me shuffling around and taking photos. Nothing out of the ordinary.

But on my way back down the long steps, the out-of-tune echo of a high school marching band drew nearer and a few dozen high school musicians began playing melodies from Chicago's songbook on the Lincoln steps...

I guess there *is* a story in it after all!

The Lincoln Memorial
Washington, D.C. USA


Posted by Jackie on May 17, 2011 11:09 PM:

I love that you're posting photos of DC. I've followed your photo blog for at least 4 years because you take amazing photos. Each day that I check your blog and see a photo of my "back yard" it makes me smile because not only are your DC photos amazing, they're of places I've been. Thanks for posting amazing photos in general, but an extra special thanks for the DC series!

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