Manzanilla || Canon 1D mkIV | 16mm | 1/250s | f8 | ISO250


11 January 2011

I'm settling back in Grenada after a week long trip to see the in-laws in neighboring Trinidad. Although I poke fun at its industrial might - sometimes referring to Trinidad as the Detroit of the Caribbean - much of the island reveals nothing about its oil resources.

The countryside is largely undisturbed - a mixture of sugar cane fields, elevated forests, and coconut tree coastlines. If you happened to wash up along the coastal road through Manzanilla, you'd never be able to tell that this island nation is America's largest supplier of liquid natural gas (LNG).

This is one of those out-of-the-way views that remains an unchanging jewel of Trinidad's true Caribbean identity.

Manzanilla, Trinidad


Posted by Karen/Chookooloonks on January 12, 2011 12:15 AM:

And this is where I grew up (my family home was in Mayaro).

Is NOW ah homesick.

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