Fort Matthew

01 May 2010

After decades of disrepair, the abandoned Fort Matthew is being rehabilitated as a tourist attraction. Built in the late 1700's, Fort Matthew was a technological marvel of its time, complete with a commercial grade indoor kitchen and an immense water reservoir.

When its military might was no longer needed, Fort Matthew was converted into a secure mental hospital - containing and restraining the Eastern Caribbean's most severely psychotic patients.

The Fort was abandoned in 1983 after a US Military bomb destroyed the structure in the US-led '83 intervention (the errant bomb intended for nearby Fort Frederick missed its target and killed many innocent patients).

Most recently, a tremendous cleanup effort has transformed spaces and laid the way for community activities, including a monthly outdoor concert night due to begin this month.

The last time I was in the Fort was September 2007, when nature was far along in the process of reclaiming what man had left untouched. It's so nice to see these unique spaces being used again.

[Beneath] Fort Matthew
Morne Jaloux, Grenada


Posted by Charon on May 2, 2010 12:20 AM:

Very cool. Only if the states would be so resourceful.

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