The Art of the Sale

06 December 2009

If you ever visit Grenada, you'll inevitably make a stop at the Spice Market in downtown St. George's - a bustling agricultural marketplace in the heart of the island's capital where you'll be solicited to buy a spice necklace by no less than a dozen competitive vendors.

The successful vendors have entertaining sales pitches and, depending on the origin of the cruise ship in town that day, engage visitors in their foreign tongue.

While I was on assignment with a group of German travel writers, this young entrepreneur stopped us to pitch the simple luxuries of the common spice necklace. He's one of the best young vendors around - energetic, engaging, and full of stories about the spices and their modern culinary and therapeutic uses. (One time I saw him sell a good 40 necklaces in less than an hour while I ate lunch at the cruise terminal.)

Forget about potpourri - these really are great to hang in the kitchen, the car, and even the bathroom... When the scent fades, drop it in some boiling water to revive the aroma.

So, next time you're in St. George's, make sure to pick up a spice necklace for your mother. :-)

St. George's, Grenada


Posted by Mike on September 18, 2010 2:34 AM:

We've got one of those hanging in our closet. Wonderful thing!

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