Oil Country

08 November 2009

Avi stands on the shoreline of the Gulf of Paria - an oil rich body of water that lies between Trinidad & Venezuela.

Just out of the frame to the right is a large petrochemical refinery and shipping station. In fact, the liquid natural gas (LNG) plant in Point Fortin is the largest LNG refinery in the entire world - producing almost 15 million metric tonnes of LNG every year. I'll dig out some photos of Atlantic LNG's plant - what it lacks in aesthetic beauty it makes up for with impressive technical feats.

Far off the tourist trail, the Supertankers that sail these waters and the offshore platforms that drill the seabed stir up the sediment, making the area less than desirable for bathing...

Avi grew up not too far from this area - seeing the development of oil derricks, pipelines, and refineries was just as common to her childhood as never-ending Minnesota road construction was to mine. Even though she's happy to see the economic growth in her country, it saddens her to see the present reality of a more pristine memory.

Point Fortin, Trinidad

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