"A centipede crawled in my car... and I don't know where it is right now."

"I can't see it under the hood..."

"I can't see it under the dash..."

"Let's spray, just in case..."

"Seriously, it's got to be here somewhere..."

"Maybe it's hiding underneath the car..."

"Come on, Josh, this isn't funny." Oh yes it is. Very funny. :-)

Kerri-Ann & The Centipede Hunt

11 November 2009

My friend Kerri-Ann was having a rough day.

She saw a large centipede crawl into her car earlier in the morning and was unable to locate the creepy-crawly-creature. By the end of the day the search had been called off...


St. George's University
True Blue, Grenada


Posted by owen on February 7, 2010 8:28 PM:

hahah, so much to say so much to say, no words, lol

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