I Went to Caroni Swamp and All I Got Was This Damn Photo.

04 October 2009

On a recent trip to Trinidad, The Wife and I had some time to kill before our outbound flight and decided to drop by the visitor's center at the Caroni Swamp on our way to Port of Spain.

Caroni Swamp is the largest protected wetland in Trinidad and home to all kinds of wildlife. Living among the 200+ bird species, its most famous inhabitant is the Scarlet Ibis - Trinidad & Tobago's national bird. During the day the Scarlet Ibis feeds in nearby Venezuela (11 miles away) and returns to Trinidad at dusk. I'm told that the red birds are quite a sight to see - turning the lush green of the mangroves to a bright scarlet.

Swamp boat operators offer trips through the wetland to view the large flocks returning in the evening light - typically departing around 5pm. Sad to say, we needed to be at the airport during the peak hours of bird watching and had to skip the 2 hour boat tour. I wandered back to the car feeling a bit dejected that I hadn't shot a single photo near the swamp.

BUT! As we were cruising back towards the freeway, we spotted a small group of bird enthusiasts near the main gate, excitedly snapping away at what I assume was a winged creature in the trees.

I quickly pulled over, jumped out of the car, pointed my camera at the group, squeezed off a single shutter release, hopped back in the car and drove away. So... I went to Caroni Swamp and all I got was this damn photo. :-)

Caroni Lagoon National Park
Caroni, Trinidad

***UPDATE*** For all the camera buffs out there: The closest camera is a Canon 40D, with a 1.4x extension tube attached to a Canon 300mm f/4 IS lens. The second camera is also a Canon 40D but with a Canon 400mm f/4.0 DO IS lens attached. The flash modifiers are Better Beamers, used for modifying the light output.


Posted by Dwain on October 13, 2009 12:43 PM:

I really like the story telling in this pic....good catch man!!

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