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07 May 2009

From the provocatively clad to the protectively clad...

This is definitely not the spa shower from yesterday's entry.

A few months back, a great assignment popped up on my SGU calendar - one that shows a completely different side to life on the southern tip of tropical Grenada...

After two days of classroom seminars on man-made disasters (bio, chemical, nuclear, explosive) and the roles of on-scene physicians, medical student participants adorned their protective gear for a round of mock decontamination exercises to wrap the weekend.

In this photo, the last mock radiation-exposed patient had just been through the decontamination line and the final contaminated triage worker was receiving the Deluxe Wash and Wax from his friends.

St. George's University
True Blue, Grenada


Posted by AK on May 8, 2009 3:10 PM:

Nice. I have some pics of you taking photos during this selective. I'll try to get them to you, though they're nowhere near as good as what you have here.

Posted by Pirate Jenny on June 29, 2009 11:46 AM:

A classic.

I am not even interested in hazmat, but am quite drawn to excellent examples of visual form - lights and darks, rhythms for the eye. One such example.

If you are studying medicine, I hope to see you going into medical photography, and use the above photo in your portfolio.

Medical photography does not exclude the excellent work you do with photos of any subject. It is an honour to check into this online portfolio to see what you are up to. It is an appreciation that you have the editing skills to keep out the mediocre photos - ones we all take - what we all don't have is a sense of what photos are excellent and which are not.

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