Friday Afternoon Dessert

06 September 2008

There's a warm chocolate brownie hiding beneath the creamy coconut ice cream...

Pirate Jonny and I decided to meet down at the beach for a little Friday afternoon treat.

Waitress: "Good afternoon, are you here for lunch?"
Me: "No thank you, we're here for dessert."

We ordered our sweets and debated the hot topics of the day (RNC Convention, Banana Split vs Brownie, etc) while overlooking a quiet pool and feeling the cool breeze... It was just what the doctor ordered after a long week of being tied down to loads of photo processing.

Incidentally, today is the Pirate's birthday - Happy Birthday Jonny!

Coyaba Beach Resort
Grand Anse, Grenada


Posted by Ann Wilder on September 7, 2008 12:22 PM:


Pirate Jenny here wants to eat sweets with you . . . now to get together the US$2000 plus for the trip . . .sigh.

Posted by Filip Wiberg Photography on September 8, 2008 10:13 AM:

Ok, bring me one like that right now! Great shot!

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