17 May 2008

"Pierrots, prominent figures in Carriacou Carnival, originated from disguised entertainers during French colonialism. Their roles have evolved over the generations to roving bands competing between their villages/plantations in literature reciting, mostly Shakespeare.

Today Shakespeare Mas competitors pair off face to face; one recites while the other listens. Missed lines are rewarded with a stroke from a rod, but colorful, heavily padded and masked head dresses offer protection and the flowing paper lined capes add theatrical loud noises when the stick hits its mark.

This event is unique to Carriacou and is a must to see on Tuesday morning. Troops start from Mt Royal and make their way down through the villages performing, stopping for rum in between rounds, until the event culminates in Hillsborough for the final showdown." - via.

This was easily my most favorite part of Carriacou's Carnival... :-)

Mt Royal, Carriacou.


Posted by Charmarie on May 21, 2008 2:23 AM:

I love the colors in this photo, they really pop!

Posted by Ashlee on May 29, 2008 6:43 AM:

Hey, that mask thingie would be handy in Minnesota during summer (aka "mosquito season") !! lol

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