01 November 2007

The barefoot and bikini-clad scrambled for shelter while the liberated and intoxicated danced in the driving rain.

Twice a year the students of St. George's University put down their books and throw a post-midterm party that looks identical to a typical college spring break. It rained heavily on and off throughout the afternoon.

Even still, the pale managed to over-tan on the beach between the clouds. They'll nurse their sunburn when the hangover subsides and life returns to normal - when they're packed back into the library, squashed between books instead of bikini bottoms.

Sandblast Fall 2007
Grand Anse Beach
Grand Anse, Grenada


Posted by tanyetta on November 1, 2007 4:41 PM:

I just opened this post with my son on my lap. He just pointed to the screen and said--boobahs mommy, boobahs! ;)

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