Abandoned Tunnels

13 November 2007

Quiet weekends call for quiet fun...

After dropping in to visit a few nursing home residents at the government run Richmond Home for the Elderly, my good friend Dr. Hage and I wandered around the abandoned remains of Fort Matthew.

The Fort was built during Grenada's colonial days, back in the late 1700's when the British and French battled over who they thought should control the island. Its most recent use was a mental hospital until a US Military bomb destroyed the structure in the 1983 Invasion/Intervention. The errant bomb intended for nearby Fort Frederick missed its target and killed many innocent patients.

These days the Fort sits vacant, standing silently atop a hill overlooking the town of St. George's.

Beneath Fort Matthew
St. George's, Grenada


Posted by Chookooloonks on November 13, 2007 3:09 PM:

Dude, what you do with light just SLAYS me.

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