Peer Pressure

17 October 2007

My little brother recently began his freshman year of college...
We don't speak as often as I'd like, but we managed to connect late last week.
We chatted on and on about his classes, his girlfriend, his job, and his expanding role as a bona fide adult.

It's fun to hear his new stories and new experiences but it was weird telling him big brother stuff like:

:: It's always okay to say no.
:: Don't waste all your money on flowers for your girlfriend.
:: If you get into trouble you can always call me. (Skype, yo)
:: Give Dad a few bucks for groceries. He'll refuse it but he'll respect the gesture.

And the most important tip,

:: Forget spur-of-the-moment, coming-of-age roadtrips - check out Expedia's last minute package deals. They've got great hotel/flight combos! You'll save a ton of money and you won't have to sleep in the car with your smelly friends.

Keep up the good work, Joey!
Avi and I are proud of you.

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