Blizzard Free Guarantee

31 October 2007

Not a single Halloween passes without one of my greatest childhood memories flooding my mind... The Halloween Blizzard of 1991!!

[Full Disclosure: I was a Ghostbuster for Halloween in 1991.]

Oh how the snow fell, and fell, and fell! More than 30 inches fell in our town before the skies cleared. I remember it quite well - especially the images of snow drifting up to the rooftop of my garage. My father spent countless hours throwing the heavy snow into piles that towered above me, while school was canceled for days on end. Never since have I seen so nasty of a blizzard.

(Our school district almost never canceled classes. We endured the coldest of cold and heaviest of snow to make sure the school year didn't extend too far into June.)

My Minnesota viewers will surely remember that perfect storm and the backaches that came with it. So today, Minnesotans, I dedicate this [recently published] image to you.

Grand Anse Beach, Grenada
Guaranteed to be blizzard free.

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