*This Big*

06 August 2007

Sometimes the world feels *this big*.

Then you try and book a LIAT flight and realize the early explorers didn't have it all that rough.
Regional boats are by far easier (and cheaper) to book than regional flights in this part of neck of the woods.

Suddenly the world seems very big.

Pass the Crix, please.

(For my non-Caribbean viewers, LIAT Airline has a well known track record of being a horrible airline. Delays lasting several hours are the norm. Lost luggage is expected. Now that they're buying up their only regional competitor, cash-strapped Caribbean Star Airline, inhabitants of the Windward Islands can only hold their breath for the nonsense to come... )


Posted by char on August 6, 2007 8:15 PM:

That sucks...and I complain about a flight being 15 minutes late....shame on me.

Posted by Kim Hudson on April 17, 2008 1:09 AM:

Hi Joshua,

I met you probably about October 2007; we were introduced by Anne McIntyre, at a cricket match in Grenada. We met again, after that, by chance at Port Louis and had occasion to speak.

Anne spoke highly of your talents; I can see why. Your work is amazing.


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