16 July 2007

These 15-passenger buses are my usual mode of transportation on the island.

Currently, $2 EC (~$0.75 USD) will pay my fare from Grand Anse to St. George's.
The trip takes about 15 minutes in average, mid-day traffic.

A bus is usually manned by a two person team: a driver and a conductor.
The driver's job is to drive, operate the stereo, and honk at any possible pedestrian bus patrons. The conductor's job is to collect the fare, solicit new passengers, operate the sliding door, and arrange passengers in the small seats to fit as many people as possible.

To get on the bus, simply acknowledge any of the honking/soliciting drivers headed in the direction you're going. The conductors commonly solicit by yelling out the window at anyone who's walking around.

"BUS?!" or "You going up?" or for the ladies "Sweetie, wanna ride?"

Theoretically, they are supposed to keep driving until the next bus stop and wait for you, but the common practice is to stop traffic right where you are and help you aboard.

To get off the bus, give a loud knock on the ceiling or alert the driver with an audible "Next Stop, Please". No matter how loud the music is playing the drivers still hear those magic words.

The Bus Terminal
St. George's, Grenada


Posted by Chrissy on July 16, 2007 2:24 PM:

What the f**k?! I'd kick them in the balls if some dude called me sweetie and I didn't know who they were.... Probably a good thing that I live in the states, huh?! Love the pic and the commentary ~ but love you more!


Posted by char* on July 16, 2007 11:33 PM:

That is a pretty interesting commentary. I would have founf it seriously hilarious seeing them yell of of the windows for passengers, I mean after all it's a whole different way of life.

Posted by Kiffa Charles on August 31, 2007 10:35 PM:

Riding the bus to any where in Grenada is a fun New way to Hear and see things.... There is always something peculiar on any bus, u jus got to look and listen for it .and if anyone ask where u hear or see that tell them.......I was On a BUS...........

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