24 June 2007

Two cars fly past a timing point during a night of drag racing.

The races took place at the empty Pearls Airport, Grenada's first airport.
It was abandoned after the current airport, Point Salines, was constructed on the opposite side of the island.

Point Salines International Airport (PSIA) was built during the Grenada Revolution and opened in October 1984. Before the opening of PSIA, visitors would have to travel an hour by bus on winding, narrow mountain roads to reach St. George's or Grand Anse, where the majority of hotels are located.

The US Government pointed to the new airport construction as a threat. They accused the Grenadian government of being too friendly with their Caribbean neighbor, Cuba, and said the airport might be used for military aid to Cuban/Soviet forces.

One year and three days after the US Invasion/Intervention in Grenada the new airport was opened and the old airport abandoned.

International Funding Contributions

Cuba contributed: US$33.6 million

Grenada Government: US$14.2 million

Iraq lending: US$5 million

USA: US$19 million

Canada: US$6 million

Balance: OPEC, EEC, Venezuela, Algeria, Syria and Libya

Read more great history at the Grenada Revolution Online.

Pearls Airport, Grenada.


Posted by Régis on June 25, 2007 5:47 AM:

Excellent shot with the pole and the passing lights. Really cool !

Posted by Régis on June 25, 2007 5:49 AM:

Excellent shot with the pole and the passing lights. Really cool !

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