Out of the Ordinary

16 June 2007

A Hummer H2 is not something you'll see every day in Grenada...
To the best of my knowledge this is the only Hummer currently rolling around in Grenada's tri-island state.

Today was the first time I have seen it. I was told the vehicle is usually kept on the island of Carriacou, but the business savvy owner brings it with him to Grenada from time to time.

The last time I remember seeing a Hummer here was in 2005, shortly after Hurricane Ivan.
The Catholic Church imported one as a temporary import. It belonged to a Catholic architectural engineer who was brought in to inspect the shocking number of churches that were severely damaged or destroyed. Most rental 4WD vehicles in Grenada are compact, which made it difficult to find a suitable undamaged vehicle that met his storage/tow capacity needs.

(According to the government, 90% of homes were destroyed by Hurricane Ivan's 120mph winds.)

St. George's, Grenada.

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