15 October 2006

Keith and I were out hunting photos of an abandoned cargo ship on Sunday...
Our journey brought us through some 'residential' property that is built on top of a landfill. The gentlemen who lived there were more than helpful in guiding us down the steep hillside towards the cove where the ship was.

When we made our way to the board house, Keith sent me ahead as our ambassador to ask if we could wander through their property. (My Grenadian accent is developing quite well.) As I approached the house I saw two older men sitting on the porch, listening to Cricket on an old radio. They offered plenty of smiles and warm greetings - happy to have visitors - probably a rare event.

After I explained that we were trying to reach the water on the other side of their land, one of the men grabbed his machete and said, "Follow me". He lead us down a steep, tropical hillside - hacking away at the brush. The trail was rough and dotted with garbage from the days of massive illegal dumping at the site.

At the cove he told us the story behind the large cargo ship that was run into the shore - abandoned by the Government after they seized it from a cement distributer who couldn't/wouldn't pay the import taxes on his shipment.

This photo was taken on the way back up the hill - headed back to the home near the road.

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